By Clinton Obura

Effective means of communicating with your customers, managing sales, and marketing of products are very essential to see your business prosper. Samcart and clickfunnels are among the online platform elements that can help you conduct your business efficiently.

These applications share different feature sets. Let’s define them one by one.


This app aids you in selling of goods and services. It gives you the ability to check out page designs in order not to lose your potential customers. Samcart enables you to send your clients from samcart into Active campaign lists so you can monitor and stimulate buying of other commodities via email.


It’s an email marketing tool. It can also be referred to as a creation tool that makes the “concern” stage of purchasing procedure. Though this only happens when customers show interest in your commodity but you need to toil hard to convince that particular person to become your customer.

The above two definitions indicate that the two application functions are different. Samcart is high enough when it comes to checkout pages and cart while click-funnel rules at funnel creation.

Up-sell pages

Both applications offer the options to create and modify up-sell pages for trade promotions and services. Samcart can provide more efficient and complete solutions, on the other hand, up-sell pages in click-funnels offer plenty and beneficial features incorporated in the software.

With samcart, it saves you time as you can easily and quickly create one-click up-sell page. With the help of these pages, your potential customers can upgrade their procurement and also add supplementary commodities within a short period. They don’t have to strain to re-enter their billing information.

Click funnel also consists of a one-click up-sell element that gives customers that opportunity to add extra products and upgrade products quickly. Subsequently billing information is kept in click-funnels, this is advantageous since customers don’t have to re-enter their credit card number to purchase up-sells.

Samcart has an extra unique option that will leave you even more excited. It can add exit pop-ups to up-sell pages to keep all your esteem clients engaged and also see your conversion rate increase. The exit pop-up gives you the opportunity to market your commodities to your customer and also be able to have that opportunity to show an additional case to action.

Check out pages

With no doubt, samcart is one of the most powerful applications in digital marketing. This exceptional form are;

  • Effective
  • conversion optimized and

What are checkout pages?

These are “chokes points” for traders. Check out pages are created for functionality and involved in fewer conversions. Some customers abandon the sales process at the checkout point, resulting in a dropped out cart and a lost sale.

Samcart gives you an implausible level of control making your check up page more spontaneous and visually pleasing. It also assists you to have a look at how your check out page looks like and performs for a customer.

There are eighteen check out pages comprising with samcart. These templates range from wide pages with columns to vertical checkout pages that yield up slight screen real estate and look great on mobile devices.

Templates comprising Samcart are customizable. They also allow you to add your product photo as an idol and also adjust the copy to resemble your commodity core reimbursements, excellent selling points, and value proposition.

With samcart;

  • You can lower your cart desertion rates and
  • Also, enhance pop ups to your check out page to keep customers involved.

With those crucial points above you can progress your return on investment and also assist you to make more revenue from every visitor.

There are extra features to see you succeed in your projects like

  1. The capability to add trust closures to your page to advance and increase alterations.
  2. Involves a selection where you can leave as a modal pop-up window moderately than loading an entirely new page.

Samcart offers implausible custom design options when it comes to ordering pages that are located within the application. Click funnels also offer the same, but it can’t be compared to what samcart offers.

Thinking of putting up an engaging and incredibly optimized checkout page for your product? Well, think no more templates that will see you prosper in your business are readily available in samcart. It offers design options that are classic and unique.

Associate management

In business there reaches a time when you are involved in many activities, and you barely have time market your products. Worry no more, samcart has an option where you can create new affiliate system accounts and permit other individuals to carry out marketing for your products.

Apart from this system offering accounting building for your affiliates, you can also create custom commission rates and also deliver creatives for your affiliates.

Samcart is nicely designed, and it will get you attracted. Apart from that, you can easily navigate, it’s not complicated. It comprises a section which displays a simple bar graph which demonstrates all your latest affiliate earnings and commissions. What does this mean? It only means you can monitor and have a glance of your member’s earnings and also get in touch with your top sales maker.

Clickfunnels also possess an affiliate management system similar to that of samcart. But it defers to that of samcart by price. It costs around $297 per month.

Email marketing and automation

Clickfunnels standard version automation doesn’t include the tools that are involved in marketing; instead, they are contained in the monthly pay actiontics upgrade which goes for $297.On the other hand, samcart doesn’t include any campaign automation or email marketing tools; this is because its merely a cart machine.

However samcart still offers services like integration of marketing tools with other software’s like;

  • Constant contact
  • Ontraport
  • Convertkit
  • AWeber
  • Active Campaign etc.

What samcart does is, it simply gives you that privilege to communicate with your customers by sending emails over an extensive selection of third parties email advertising applications.

We have seen how both samcart and clickfunnels function, let’s list their pros and cons one by one.

What are the pros and cons for samcart?

Samcart doesn’t offer the same features clickfunnels offers. Samcart is right in cart management and also a great tool for check out designs. If your business is in this lane well be assured you will benefit a lot from the services this application offers.


  • Samcart is meaningfully pocket-friendly compared to click-funnel. Clickfunnel goes for $297 monthly while samcart goes for f$19 per month inclusive of a 1% processing commission.
  • Samcart features are undoubtedly attractive. They improve your conversion rate and enable you to build up extra revenue from every sale. The features include:
  • Order bumps
  • Abandoned cart prevention and
  • One click up-sells.

Samcart application doesn’t contain automation features, but this doesn’t mean it cant perform; it’s able to assimilate with a variety of automation applications and top performers in email marketing industry.

Samcart is among the most flexible apps in the market that can allow you to trade your products and services quickly.

Adding to affiliate accounts in samcart is just within a click of a finger. It offers a management system that enables you to see what your affiliates are earning and also get into contact with them, especially those with top sales.


Cons in samcart are few. They include:

  • A variety of features in samcart are only available in most expensive premium and pro versions. An example of such features are, –Split testing

-One click up-sells

  • In samcart, there are no readily available services like automation features or email marketing which means you have to integrate with other applications that have these features when you want to carry marketing online.

Pros and cons of clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels are specifically designed to assist small businesses and those markets that are unaccompanied. They are made in a way to ensure users easily navigate through the application. Persons that are interested in specific features for a single product this application suite you perfectly.

N.B: clickfunnel is not the best option for individuals who are in need of a more intensive and efficient feature set.


  • Can integrate with other funnels.
  • It’s simple, intuitive, and very fast and its services are easy to navigate.
  • It’s one-time price kind of tool, and you don’t have to incur more charges every time you are in need of it.
  • Clickfunnel up-sell and down-sell pages permit users to effortlessly and quickly add items to their checkpoint process and also add their average incomes per every sale.
  • Beginners don’t have to worry as clickfunnel is easy to start and with few clicks, you can advance various email sequences for subscribers.
  • With clickfunnel you won’t find the need to use multiple applications to trade your products and services. The application consists of payment processing and checkout pages that see this process a success.


  • This tool involves a lot of clicking making it very tedious to get the pages that require.
  • In some pages, you need to understand coding to customize pages to your pleasure.

Clickfunnels don’t offer that attention or depth associated to samcart

  • Click funnels consist of very many features, but some are not applicable since they are not included in the standard version, as an alternative they are accessible in a more exclusive package.


This application has plenty of features available for users, though it doesn’t offer a reciprocal of focus and depth as Samcart.

Samcart checks out templates are extra ordinarily customizable and easy to use. On the other hand, Clickfunnels customization options and page design features are limited. This acts as a stumbling block for a user who was interested in using this application for business.

Clickfunnels offer affiliate management only as a part of $297 monthly Backpack and Actionetics version whereas this service in samcart is only a standard feature.

Clickfunnel is an excellent application for all those who intend to use it for businesses. It’s a well-designed and ample tool to use. It offers quite a variety of services, they include,

  • Affiliate management
  • Up-sell
  • Email marketing and
  • Selling of products.

Samcart has the following available basic pricing plans. They are as follows;

  1. Basic plan one which costs $199 per month. This program is flexible, and it includes features that are easy to get on pro plan. It also comes with subscription saver recurring payment assistance, affiliate center and with comprehensive email integration.
  2. Basic plan 2: it costs around $19 monthly. This program can support an average of five products and features via email ranging from checking out pop ups, coupons, membership integration’s and free SSL.

-As much as this plan accommodates and offers outstanding value for money it is also faced with some limits. Various options like cart abandonment, one-click up-sells, split testing and subscriptions are not included in the plan. Nevertheless, samcart branding is visible to the user.

– This plan is still not open to third parties, it eliminates Affiliate center features and prevents one from creating affiliate accounts and also using the same affiliate to sell products.

N.B.:  All transactions made with the Basic plan are charged a 1% processing fee. This charge is not that costly, it can easily be added up as your business expands.

Clickfunnels has only two basic plans. They include;

  1. The $297 monthly plan-This plan comes as a package which comprises email marketing automation tools, Actionetics and backpack, Urgent aid from the click-funnels support team and affiliate management.
  2. The $97 monthly plan includes management tools and creation. This package comes with 100 separate pages, 20 support funnels and 20,000 visitors per month.


Both applications are efficient and influential. They will with no doubt serve your online business professionally. What you opt to put in mind is that both applications function differently. Each app has its purpose. Clickfunnels purpose is both a marketing and management tool while Samcart is specialized in checkout page tools.

Between clickfunnel and samcart which is strong?

Well, samcart is the sturdiest since it can;

  1. Manage your product sales process
  2. Create and accomplish your checkouts.

Clickfunnel is only appropriate for all- in-one tool for email marketing and the entire marketing procedure.

Choose the right application for your business wisely.