Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs Course Review

Being one of Dans first students I got the opportunity to see Dan Henry’s Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs course rise to one of the most popular in the digital marketing space. I happened to purchase the course while it was still in Beta therefore I was the 11th person to get my hand on it…

In this detailed review I’m going to cover the ins and outs of the course to help you decide if it’s right for you…


Apart from being one of Dans early students and success stories, I am also what you call an “affiliate” which means I do get compensated if you choose to purchase Dans course through my affiliate link here…

If you do choose to purchase from me I will throw in some bonuses for you like…

Funnels I use for my campaigns and clients

  • Chiropractor Funnel
  • Real Estate Funnel
  • Dentist Funnel
  • Affiliate Marketing Funnel(sell pretty much anything with this one)

&  Bonus content

  • Inside look into one of my profitable affiliate marketing campaigns (1hr training)
  • How to get on TV training
  • How to build a simple personally branded website for free

Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs Review

Ok, Lets get to the nitty gritty shall we?

Modules Overview

Module 0 : The Nutshell

  • Webinar Replay
  • Will I Succeed
  • The Value Scale
  • Facebook Ads in a Nutshell
  • Example Ad Funnels


Module 1 : The ins and outs of how to create bait.

  • The purpose of BAIT
  • The definition of value and desie
  • Types of bait and how to sell it
  • Customer Research: Ho to figure out what your bait should be
  • How to run a simple customer research ad
  • How to create a great bait headline
  • BAIT examples
  • How does bait work if you are a…
  • The badass bait checklist
  • How to create a simple Cheat sheet

Module 2 : The ins and outs of building funnels

  • Intro and how to choose the right funnel for you
  • How to build a cheat sheet funnel
  • How to build a discount funnel
  • How to build a value video funnel
  • How to build a value video for coaching
  • How to build a webinar funnel
  • How to instal your pixel
  • How to create a custom conversion

Module 3 : The ins and outs of the Ads

  • How to choose the best ad type for you
  • Copy and dialogue strategy
  • How to create ads
  • Retargeting ad and copy strategy
  • Examples of retargeting
  • Creating a retargeting campaign from scratch
  • How to target your dream customer
  • How to get even more ideas for targeting
  • How to manage ads with the split test euation
  • How to scale a winning ad

Module 4: The Agency

  • How to choose the right clients
  • 3 Easy ways to get clients
  • How to explain Facebook Ads for clients
  • How to choose a funnel for your client
  • How to manage multiple clients easily
  • Sample client proposal
  • How to send lead info to clients
  • The billboard challenge
  • How much to charge your clients and how to justify it
  • How to choose the right offer for your FB ads client


Success stories

There’s over 50 success stories stemming from Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs, here’s a few…


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