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In short I went from a poor inner city kid to a 6 figure online entrepreneur.

Drip…Drip… You turn the bathroom faucet handle and to your surprise, nothing comes out…
Confused, you head to the kitchen and turn the kitchen faucet handle, nothing…
This was my reality at the age of just 13…

And it went on and on for about 6 months relying on friends and family for things as simple as a shower…
This was a turning point in my life because at that moment I swore off poverty.

But being a poor inner city kid naturally I made the mistake of setting really small and attainable goals.
“If I could just make 6 figures then life would be awesome” I mean that is better than 95% of the population, right?

I tried a bunch of different career paths from life insurance sales to network marketing and everything in between and finally dug out my niche in the online world.

If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to read the whole story in a nutshell here it is…
I was a poor inner city kid that went to a high school with a 40% drop out rate, eventually I carved out my niche in the digital marketing space.

In fact, I just came off a $30,000 month!








If you want the full scoop than read on…

Let’s go back to 2012
I had gotten inspired by entrepreneurship and started researching what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I was graduating high school soon and I didn’t want to go to college just to end up in $80,000 worth of debt like all my friends.

I was that guy who was always coming up with schemes to make money, selling candy at school, flipping expensive sneakers, shooting dice in the gym locker room (It’s okay, I never got caught LOL).

However, I knew high school was almost over and I needed to find a real business.

I tried my hand at the life insurance business and passed the test as soon as I turned 18. It was a good experience but I just sucked at selling to be completely honest.

Eventually, I started brainstorming and figured I could save up about $10,000, learn how to do taxes and start a small business(the tax business is a low barrier to entry business).

So that’s exactly what I did.

I enrolled in the H&R Block tax course for $300 and they cancelled it because I was the only person signed up.
You know those tiny things that happen in your life that end up shaping your entire life?

This was one of those for me because if I had gone through that class, my entire life would be completely different.
Because the class got cancelled I was forced to find another solution.
I ended up working for a franchisee of the popular Liberty Tax Franchise. After one season working for him, he then sold me one of his offices.

I was still just 18 years old.

Below is a picture of that first office.
Hamilton office

The back room was completely gutted when I got there and I rebuilt it with my bare hands…and youtube!
It was in a rough neighborhood (The middle of the hood, lets be honest lol) and my landlord was too cheap to spend $3 to replace the missing 1 on the building but I didn’t care cause the rent was only $800/month and I could afford to keep it afloat until the tax season came along and money started to come in.

I increased the business 60% year over year, this caught the companies attention and in 2014 I was invited to ring the closing bell at the Nasdaq in New York City live on CNBC!

Look mama, I made it!

A few months later I bought 3 more offices, including the office I learned how to do taxes in.
I ran these for about a year and grew them a collective 17% then sold them and moved down south and bought another office!

At this point I got offered a job as a seasonal sales person at the corporate office. It was a great experience and I got to travel the country but having a job simply wasn’t for me even though I was entrepreneur-ing on the side.


Introducing the podcast
At this point I decided to pursue my dream of being an online entrepreneur. I’d had this dream since I was about 17 years old, it actually all started by me coming across A Frank Kern video on youtube.
After some encouragement from my girlfriend, I started a podcast!

My show focused around entrepreneurs who had struggled and had hardships in their life but made a comeback and found their niche.

The Era of Dan
The podcast was going great, I quickly hit 10,000 downloads on Itunes and I was meeting some pretty awesome people in the digital marketing community.
But none I would want to trade places with until one day I had a guest on the show that changed it all for me…

Dan Henry & JR RivasDan Henry…
He yelled, he cursed, but he always kept it real.
Over the next few months Dan mentored me in the world of running ads for clients and I quickly scaled my business to 10k/month in just under 45 days!

On top of making great money, I was getting awesome results for my clients which led to testimonials!
Check these out!



My first $30,000 month
After building up a consistent 5 figure income for a few months and having a steady stream of clients I started to get BOMBARDED with Facebook messages everyday of people asking for advice and help on their business.
I started doing some one on one consulting and something amazing happened…
People actually got results!
Check out the results a few people got after working with me….

How David replaced his 9-5 income

How Karie launched a successful online business!


At this point the market decided that I was an Expert (notice I said the market, and not me!)…

I put together a very niche product for how to get and run ads for a very specific type of client, ran a webinar and it did great!
That product launch a long with all my clients pushed me over $30,000 in income. Woohoo!

So now what?

Money is great. Money has allowed me to live an awesome life, travel the world and see more opportunity than a 13 year old inner city kid could possibly imagine.

But screw money.

For me, it’s about impact.
I want to change lives, I want more of those wicked testimonials, I want the world to be better because I was here.
I never wanted to be that guy who just made a crap ton of money and lived an empty life…

I want to help people.

If throughout my story I was talking to you and you’re someone who wants to transform their business, then click the link below and apply to work with me 1 on 1.